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Water is the essence for life – and also plays a huge role in the food service & HoReCa industry. If the water is right in the kitchen, the results will be right. For coffee, tea, bread, bakery products, and sparkling crockery.

Hunza Global Ventures water filtration solutions are simple, effective and easy-to-install solutions for commercial foodservice applications in the hospitality sector. These systems are designed to meet the volume, water clarity and maintenance expectations of restaurant owners, fast food chain and convenience store operators, supermarkets, cafeterias and institutions. Maintaining the quality of water is vital for maintaining the taste of your beverage and protect your valuable equipment.

In your business, you rely on your expensive equipment to always perform best. Downtime for repairs can impact the quality of your product, and replacement costs could affect your profits. Incoming non-filtered water is corrosive and can damage equipment by scale build-up. In addition, the taste can be affected by un-treated water.

Our solutions are for coffee, espresso, fountains, cold, brewed, ice and specialty beverages, or steamer, combi oven and other foodservice applications.

Our extensive range of bottle free water dispensers, sustainable bottles range and on-site bottling solutions are ideal for hospitality sector to eliminate single use plastic water bottles from the hotel premises. Go green, go sustainable, protect the environment, save cots, elevate the guest experience.


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