Ultra-Fine Fuel & Oil Filtration Systems

With Just a Small Investment You Have Huge Cost Savings

Micfil Ultra Fine Filters - Made in Germany
(0.5 Microns – the Finest in The World)

Ultrafine filtration solutions from MicFil Germany have a far better filter performance, dirt holding and moisture separation capacity than conventional standard oil or diesel filters.

This is due to the most advanced and finest filtration capability of 0.5µm (microns) to filter smallest particles, bacteria, separates water & moisture from oil, diesel and bio-diesel.

Save on cost and protect the environment!

Save 80-90 % engine oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil, compressor oil, gear oil.


  • Save 3-5 % diesel
  • Eliminate approx. 98 % of all bacteria without chemicals
  • Significantly reduce spare parts demands (bearings, bearing shells, etc.)
  • Save injectors and injector pumps and achieve a much longer service life
  • Significantly reduce the downtime of your machinery
  • Reduce exhaust emissions optimize and reduce non-combustible particles (up to a range of 0.5μ and remove water) by approx. 30-40%
  • Ensure optimum engine and equipment performance
  • Go Green! Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Save costs and save environment by reducing oil waste
  • Custom bespoke designs as per client’s inlet/outlet sizes, pressure & flow-rate requirement
  • Manufactured in Germany
Ultra-Fine Filtration Systems
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Nano-paints & Protection
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We now supply ultra-fine filters to some of the most prominent companies, military, government, gold mining, coal mining, power plants, milk factories, banks, transportation companies, refineries or individuals who just want it for their car.


MicFil advance ultra-fine filtration deals in every sector where oils and fuels are present irrespective of high or low flow rates in both light as well as bulk systems. We can cater to any type and any size of the equipment where lubricating oil and diesel is involved with any flow rate.

Highest level of preventative maintenance is required for diesel-powered short- and long-term efficient and cost-effective temporary power solutions across a variety of industries in order to prevent unanticipated breakdowns and assure optimal performance.
Your car's gasoline filter is a crucial component. It stops gas pollutants from getting into the engine. The gasoline filter needs to be kept clean because even the smallest pollutant might clog the fuel injector and endanger the engine.
The removal of particle and debris that can coat storage tank walls and baffles, plug filters, clog fuel lines, and generally destroy expensive components due to their acidic nature is made possible by fuel filtering, whether in storage or in the engine.
Purity for Process Filtration at Maximum, For a variety of sectors, including chemical, biological, pharmaceutical, electronics, food & beverage, packaging, and more, air, gases, liquids, and steam filters are used.
In addition to hydraulic filters and accessories for boats and stevedore equipment, we provide filters for a variety of marine engines, z-drives, generators, and compressors.
Construction equipment is designed to endure the worst conditions. These machines should be well-maintained in order to prevent downtime. Extremely demanding operating conditions necessitate extraordinary equipment performance. To reduce downtime and reduce operational expenses, preventive measures must be adopted.
Providing full coverage from the engine to the exhaust; MicFil filters are the first-fit option for OEMs and the ideal option for filter replacement because they are strong, resilient, and made to last..
Every drop matters in a world powered by oil. During the oil production process, every second of downtime carries a heavy price. Our solutions guarantee that the diesel-powered equipment and generators on-site are protected from tainted fuel, which results in significant downtime.
In order to maintain oil flowing smoothly from the formation that is being drilled, oil rig filtration systems, which typically contain tubes with small perforations, aid in the removal of waste, such as sand.

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